Students’ Perception of Quality Education: A Review


  • Khagendra Acharya
  • Nashla Shakya
  • Sabita Rimal
  • Ramesh Pokhrel
  • Namrata Dhakal
  • Pratik Shrestha
  • Basista Basnet
  • Sagar Shrestha
  • Prabesh Ojha


This article presents review of scholarly works on students’ perception of their learning environment. Particularly, the literature published between 1990 and 2019 February that examine university level students’ perception of the factors that they consider the benchmark of quality education or the causes of poor academics were reviewed.

In total 63 articles were analyzed in terms of four criteria, namely, 1) the methods used to examine students’ perception of quality education, 2) the elements that were perceived to impact positively on quality education, 3) the perceived causes of poor academics, and 4) the students’ perception of quality education in relation to their demographic characteristics.

The findings related to the methods used to study the issue, students’ perception on different aspects of quality education, the causes of poor quality education, and the role of demographic variables on students’ perception are derived. We believe that the conclusions from these findings may help not only the researchers interested in perceived quality of education to plan for further research but also the institutions of higher education to execute their activities to improve their students’ satisfaction levels.